How do you cultivate your imagination?

This curve-ball question came straight at me this week in class. I had confidently tossed off one of my favourite bon mots ‘As an actor your most important muscle is imagination.’ Back came the question and it’s a good one. How do you cultivate your imagination? Got me thinking.

I came across a post this morning which referenced the eminent Canadian educator Stephen Downes. His always-wise and provocative postings address some of the issues inherent in the question about imagination. Read Stephen’s article Things You Really Need to Learn in full; I can’t do it justice. But here, summarised at least, are the 10 things Stephen says you need to know. I’m pointing my class to these and we’ll pick up the discussion

How to predict consequences
How to read
How to distinguish truth from fiction
How to empathise
How to be creative
How to communicate clearly
How to learn
How to stay healthy
How to value yourself
How to live meaningfully


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