Hello dear reader …

If you’re a new arrival here, welcome! If you’ve dropped by again as a regular … great to have you once more. Either way, you’ll know I’m doing the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge to revive my often flagging blogging skills/routine. Can I ask a quick favour of you … related to yesterday’s challenge? I’d like my readers to have a quick look and answer one question for me: ‘What’s the most useful aspect of the site?’

I’m keen to get some general feedback relating to structure/layout/design/access … that sort of thing, so if you could focus on that, great. As a reader you might want to suggest something that isn’t working well for you of course. Feel free.

And thanks …






5 responses to “Hello dear reader …”

  1. Sarah Stewart Avatar

    My only comment is I think you should have your email subscription button at the top of your blog, maybe underneath the search facility. Have a safe trip overseas, Sarah

    Sarah Stewart’s last blog post..All in a name

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    @Sarah Stewart Thanks for this Sarah. Good point. Will do a housekeep with widgets for sure. I do play with widget location from time to time and this one obviously got downgraded!

  3. Ken Allan Avatar

    Kia ora Kate

    Undoubtedly, for me who hates clutter (as I see it of course 🙂 it’s seeing a site that’s uncluttered.

    The point of a post is lost for me if I have to sift through the displayed site to find the post (believe it or not, I come across sites of that description on a regular basis).

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

    Ken Allan’s last blog post..What Is Learnt From Community?

  4. Pam Avatar


    I like the uncluttered feel of your blog.
    I like your widgets and I especially like the list that gives me an idea about what you write giving me the option of tuning into one particular aspect.
    Overall you have created a good feel.

    Pam’s last blog post..How to make twitter friends and influence tweeters

  5. Sue Waters Avatar

    Hi Kate, good spot by Sarah re-email subscription. I would bring your search above your category list. To be honest it would be better if you were able to amend your categories to perhaps less than 10 and display not as a drop down. But based on the number of post you have this would be a hard task 🙂

    Love your new theme!

    Sue Waters’s last blog post..Parents Comments Count!

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