Have mobile phone, will travel

I’ve actually missed being able to blog on a daily basis while I was away. I took to paper (a small Moleskine notebook) and pen to keep my random scribblings going. This way, I have my journal entries for use in another medium … maybe a webpage with a link from here? A project for later. I did keep my Tumblr account with automatic links from Twitter operating, but sporadically, and this was useful given my deliberate lack of access via conventional means (laptop, cyber-cafe).

Using the Nokia N95 to phone in my tweets and comment was clunkier than I had expected, mostly because of the layout and size of the phone … it has all the features but I can’t speed-type as I usually do. Quick bursts like Twitter tweets automatically relayed to Tumblr were fine, but forget longer blog posts via the mobile route and uploads to Flickr. This proved frustrating when I found wifi access in London to be less reliable than I had expected … read slow and with frequent dropouts.

Now I could have taken my laptop, and I could have used cybercafes, but this was an experiment with a new piece of hardware … a mobile phone, and also with travelling light. I hate all that unpacking and starting up of laptops at airport security checks Would I go light again? Probably not; my blogging capacity was curtailed. But did I like the camera on the N95. Absolutely! This is a very good substitute for carrying around a larger DSL and I’m extremely happy with the results.



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