Groundling goes mobile with the sexiest plugin on earth

phone-revIf you’re a regular here, then you’ll know that Groundling loves software, apps, services, and devices that are well designed, and which optimise productivity and simplify communications.  If you use a Word Press blog, then you are going to love a really clever plugin which I’ve just installed on a couple of my blogs today. It’s called WPtouch – subtitled ‘the sexiest mobile plugin on earth’ – my emphasis here.  Never thought I’d see a plugin called sexy … however … .  The ‘touch’ part refers to the way WPtouch operates on a mobile device, whether iPhone, iTouch or Blackberry as well as a whole lot of other smart phones.  There’s no doubt that the market penetration of these devices is on the up, and that then trend will continue. Amongst other advantages that pocket computers-that-also-do-calls aka smartphones have for bloggers, is that your posts have suddenly become far more available.  They can now be accessed on the go, and with this particular plug-in it’s faster to load, and much, much easier to read.

After you install WPtouch, and when a visitor accesses your website via a phone, they are provided with the choice of your blog’s regular theme or one that looks and operates just like a compact mobile phone app – the touch part.  WPtouch is very easy to upload via the WP plugin page.  Just search for WPtouch, download, and follow the really excellent installation instructions. Under the ‘Advanced Options’ section on the WPtouch plugin page, ensure that you tick the box ‘1st time visitors will see Mobile Theme.’ You might also like to tick the box ‘Enable WPtouch exclusive mode’ – the drop down pane beside each check box explains what all of this means far better than I could – as instructions should.

Once you’ve completed the comprehensive set up of what you want your page to show and to look like on the phone – yes you can customise it very easily – try it out on your own mobile. Point your phone’s browser to your website’s URL. After it loads, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see the Mobile Theme button which will be set at Off. Flick it to On, and it will reload the mobile version.

Ready to try it? Get all the documentation, FAQs and download the latest version at the WPtouch homepage brought to you by the Brave New Code folks.

Oh, and it was also recommended by the inestimable Mr Stephen Fry.  His site runs WPtouch, and I have to confess that I have long been an out and out fan girl of the big fella.  Who could resist this (more than slightly tongue in cheek) endorsement by the self-confessed “British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger” – his bio on Twitter.  Yes you can follow him @stephenfry  and he follows me back.  Meanwhile, give WPtouch a spin and see what you think.






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