Google Presenter: a great new Web 2.0 tool

Spring has sprung in the southern hemisphere. The days are warmer, the outdoor delights increasingly drawing the devoted blogger from the desktop.
But wait! What’s that on Google Docs and Spreadsheets? It’s (drum-roll) Google Presenter.

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Those amazingly creative and feverishly fertile (spring analogy) folks at Google have done it again. I love Keynote, and Google Presenter isn’t going to beat Keynote in the visual design stakes, but it’s free, online, and easy, and will probably get a whole lot better soon.

I put together this slideshow in 5 minutes this morning. Partly to take Presenter for a ride, but also to spin on a bit from Sue Waters’ request for some help over at Mobile Technology in TAFE.

Sue wondered what her readers favourite Web 2.0 tools were, how we used them with students, why, and so on. I responded ‘pretty much Google anything’ and this morning’s disovery of Presenter confirmed it. I used the slideshow to share a few reasons why I worship the great Google out there.


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  1. Joel McDonald Avatar
    Joel McDonald

    I’m a big fan of Google, and I love their online workspaces. I think they are an incredible company, helping to mold the internet into a multipurpose, user friend, yet non-invasive, tool.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on their latest development.

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