Get Me Out of Here!

It’s “O Week” (Orientation Week) at university. Today was the first day. The place is full of new faces, and some more familiar, with the return today of the second-year acting class about to tackle a production of Mad Forest Caryl Churchill‘s terrific play about the 1989 Romanian revolution. It also happens to be my first directing gig for the year. The company and I spent three hours this morning talking and reading about the incidents in the work, and about the acting challenges for this production. Ah, good to be back and to flex the muscle of imagination.

And of course, I found it hard to work at the desk afterwards, and fled after rehearsals to the park, where the final day’s rehearsals for the SiQP (Shakespeare in Queens Park Festival) are taking place. There’s something wonderfully soothing about being outdoors, in the thick of all the creative fun happening there, especially on such a glorious day as it has been. Didn’t feel at all guilty. I guess right now for me my heart is where the work is. All appears on track for a fine week of festivity and good drama.






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