From little things, big things grow

Kev CarmodyImage by James Kirsop via Flickr

I can’t get the lyrics or the tune of Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly‘s sweet and moving song out of my head. Why? Dr Kev Carmody, Australian singer-songwriter, raconteur and Aboriginal Australian activist was inducted as a Doctor of the University Honoris Causa at yesterday’s graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Arts at the University of Southern Queensland … where I have my day job. Click the hotlink above to his homesite and you can hear Kev and Paul Kelly sing From Little Things Big Things Grow on a YouTube embed. Enjoy!

Kev gave the occasional address at the ceremony, and sang his song from 20 years ago … which incidentally has just been updated, re-recorded, and which features the voice of Australia’s new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. It was a moving afternoon … and it seems from the new mood of optimism in my country, that the times they are a changin’ downunder … and not before time. You can read more about this in related articles below.

Anyhow, what has all this to do with this blog post? Well, like lots of other bloggers, I’m involved in the 31 Day Comment Challenge which is designed to create good/better blog citizens out of us. You can read about it on the 31 Day Challenge site. The things that grow out of this one challenge, the brainchild of several prolific and energetic bloggers, is leading as I guess they thought it would, into other byways.

Case in point is the small welcome video I posted on Day 1 of the challenge. I used the Seesmic video plug-in, and within a minute or so had posted a ‘hello and welcome’ type message. It’s created quite a bit of interest, and I think it’s because video posting and commenting is becoming much easier now with built in cameras and microphones on computers as well as software and plug-ins that make it a snap. Seesmic allows comments on blogs that have the plug-in enabled like this one.

Interestingly, all of my commenters on that video post chose not to use Seesmic, but to write. Well, horses for courses. Thing is, people appear to like putting a face and a voice to a comment; it’s more personal. Actually the first of these Seesmic comments which I received from somewhere in France (I think) gave me a real thrill; there was a new face saying (in a gorgeous accent) ‘Hi Kate’ as he introduced himself.

Anyhow, one of my fellow challengees Kevin on Kevin’s Meandering Mind suggested trying a mashup of video comments from round the challenge blogosphere. We’re working on how best to do this. We’ll probably use Flickr which now allows video uploads with Pro accounts. He’s offered to kick it off. I’ll set the group up, and we’ll invite the gang. See … from little things, big things grow … well, OK from big things even bigger things grow!


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  1. Sue Waters Avatar

    Excellent idea Kate. Can we also encourage everyone to use comment08 as their tag and to upload a photo as well? That means we will be able to add a Flickr photos and videos to the wiki.

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