Flickr, Schmap and Me

I like to grab images of subjects related to theatre and theatres. I have a growing collection, some of which you can find in my Theatres set on Dramagirl’s Flickr page. I tag all of these public photographs with a pretty liberal Creative Commons licence. It’s a good thing to share these things around.

A couple of weeks back I was approached with a request to use my image of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, shot last July. It was being considered for inclusion in the 4th edition of the Schmap London Travel Guide. I didn’t know it, so I checked out Schmap, and it’s a great interactive travel site. If you are heading to London, or anywhere covered by Schmap’s guides sometime this year, you might want to check it out.

I heard last night from the publishers that my image has been included. I am now a ‘Schmap published photographer’ here. A nice little bonus for sharing.





2 responses to “Flickr, Schmap and Me”

  1. Sue Waters Avatar

    Wow that is sooo cool Kate. You must be so pleased. Hope you have taken a screenshot and added to Flickr as a record.

  2. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    Hey Sue. Sure did. Here it is
    It will probably appear later as my Image of the Day in Project 366 (in the side bar). Just proves anyone can be a published photographer I reckon. Good old CC and Flickr, eh?

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