First axiom …

Doh, here I go again! I’ve long believed the first axiom of teaching is ‘Take nothing for granted.’ Had a couple of hours lab workshop this morning on Macs with a third-year group of students. I’m teaching them how to use the apps and services available on the web to create their own online, digital portfolios. So, I made a wiki, asked them to read it and follow the (what I thought were) very simple instructions. Here’s where the taking for granted got me again. Oh, the chaos, the anxiety for some! It would seem that even reading online is problematical for some students. Now of course some fly through the whole business with their lateral thinking skills, and seem better able to work around or work with the onscreen medium. Others flap and fret.

So it proved to be a full and productive, if challenging workshop. Found myself giving a potted history lesson on the development of the Mac and its basic design premise, that people point at and then click their fingers at what they want… the origin of the mouse. They dug that!

Their individual digital C-Vs are up on the wiki with photos (we like playing with Photobooth on the Mac) and small groups are now collaborating and trialling various software applications: wikis, websites, blogs and so on. Their findings will be posted on the ‘home’ wiki, and then they are off on their own creating a professional, beautiful online presence to showcase their one-person business, themselves.


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