Finding your voice

What’s your blog voice? I’ve been giving some advice to my new-blogger niece about getting in the blogging groove. My pearls of wisdom included finding a focus for the blog, and finding your blog voice. After that, it’s all about just doing it.

Hard of course, to define something as personal as your own voice or writing style. I know mine has become a little more relaxed since I’ve been blogging. I’m not writing an academic paper; it’s different. I’m also writing in smaller chunks, trying to make the communication as direct as I can; get to the point. I might throw in a light-hearted reference if it’s there to say and appropriate, back-track maybe, do what I’d do if I were having a conversation. But then (see I’m not afraid to start a sentence with ‘but’) if I have to, and if the subject is a little more formal or academic, I just find myself writing this way.

I guess we try to find the right voice for the moment in real life. Maybe it’s the same in a blog. There’s a time for short and sweet, for more profound, and a time for saying, ‘What the heck!’ just like that, or when words fail. As we say about good acting, just relax, and be in the moment. The voice follows.





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  1. Michele Martin Avatar
    Michele Martin

    Kate, it’s funny that you should post on this today–I just did a similar post in response to a question from Laura Whitehead. I do agree that blogs lends themselves to a more relaxed tone simply because of their nature. It’s always a challenge to find the balance between being relaxed and being TOO relaxed. 🙂

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