Everywhere you look

Odd how it is when you get stuck into/obsessed by/even mildly interested in something, that you begin to see it everywhere. No, not coincidence at all, but a spreading of the trawling net a little wider and a sharpening of the eye as the catch is reeled in. No? Well, metaphors work for me.

Since I’ve finished the first draft of my paper, my eye is picking up on all the key-phrases out there: personal learning environments; social software; collaborative learning; mashing etc. etc. There is no lack of material. The challenge is to sift and sort and mash again. This is how second drafts happen. I well recall my doctoral committee telling me that it was more important to “write” than to get it “right” so writing for me, especially in blog form is proving a godsend for this busy academic.

I was taken by a quote about ‘doing what’s right for you’ in a blog I stumbled upon during one of these trawls. I posted it on my Tumblr. I think ’empowering people’ rather than ‘institutions’ appeals to the altruist in every teacher; it does it for me. Kind of nice too to refresh the spirit as I head back into a new week in the classroom.





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