Doing the Meta Mash

Finally got going this afternoon on prepping a couple of conference papers on my experiments in “podagogy” and digital doodling. It was all very exciting finding that I actually had written so much in my blog over the last nearly 6 months, that it was a simple matter to do a cut and paste job to flesh out the bones of the paper.

In so doing, I found myself actually mashing on mashing i.e, importing various blog entries into Google Docs, complete with hotlinks (nice this) and embedded sound files, and thinking as I did how to get this into a killer Keynote presentation which itself could have embedded in it a link to Tumblr … which I played with again tonight.

Now I find Tumblr can handle my feeds from Twitter (what an intriguing and wicked little time-waster this is) as well as from Blogger, and Flickr, so round we go in circles. All this mashing, twitting, blogging and podding could end up in a never-ending spiral. Now there’s a mull … and food for thought on how all these wonderful little apps and services when mashed together can get the kids going creatively.


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