Do real bloggers tweet?

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Are you blogging more and enjoying it less? No … OK, are you twittering more and blogging less? Or does twittering/tweeting count as blogging/micro-blogging? Is there a trend developing here? Does it really matter?

My own rhythm of online communication and blogging in the past couple of months has altered a lot. Well, OK, I’ve been away but still. It all started with Seesmic video posts and comments, and has continued with Twitter. And don’t even start me on Friend Feed … no seriously, I love Friend Feed. You can probably detect a note of mild guilt between the lines. You know, the guilt about frivolity being a bad thing! And seriously, Twitter and Seesmic are fun!

This little video below on how or why some folks use Twitter is interesting and not only for the number using iPhones. Fact is, I am micro-blogging/commenting more and blogging in the original sense of the word … less. Time to ponder on the outcome.

I’m thinking the fun factor comes from the immediacy of the social media … blogging is more considered and yes, takes longer to do … no bad thing of course! It can also be very lonely … no feedback, no sense of community. Twitter and Seesmic are anything but lonely. There’s always someone hanging out ready for a conversation or comment. Maybe that’s it. Social network platforms are increasingly becoming easier to use as they evolve technologically and become sophisticated. Now that’s good design. From the aesthetic point of view, I find sophistication in design to be inherently attractive.

Whatever … I will continue to use whichever media suits my purpose, but I suspect my blogging posts … which get sucked into (aggregated) Friend Feed will change in style as a result.

How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo.

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