Day 28 and Spring Cleaning

It’s day 28 of the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge and I’ve done the task of the day. Easy … easiest! ‘What is your blog’s mission statement?’ Now for an academic, writing mission statements is like shooting fish in a barrel (not that I have ever shot anything in my life). I added a phrase or two to my profile (right sidebar) and hey presto!

Ah, but Day 28 of 31 and all of those other diligent team members are way ahead of me with their tasks. I’m applying the ‘do the easy job first’ principle to the getting things done project ‘catchup tasks.’ This is a bit like spring cleaning which is about to hit the southern hemisphere … spring that is. So, easy job first and then work through the list.





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  1. Michele Martin Avatar
    Michele Martin

    Kate, I like your mission, especially the idea of experimenting with technologies as learning assets. Maybe you could say more about that?

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