Day 28: A blog comment strategy

Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. This is a small look at the backbone of the Internet.

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Do I have a blog comment strategy to build readership such as Caroline Middlebrook has? In a word, no. Maybe I should … but then again … . Caroline has some great strategies via commenting to build RSS subscriptions and to promote her business, and I think anyone seeking to develop an online business would benefit from her post Do You Have a Blog Comment Strategy?

Whilst I can understand why an entrepreneurial blogger who is building an internet-marketing business needs to be focussed on building a reading public and a profile/brand, this is not (for now) for me. I guess you could call me an ‘amateur’ rather than a ‘professional’ blogger.

In terms of building or encouraging readership and conversation, what I have learned from the comment challenge is the importance of spreading the net a little wider on a more regular basis, and to establish conversation (aka comment) with other bloggers in the niche.

I’d be fibbing if I said I didn’t feel a pang if my subscriber numbers drop, because of course I like to see those little graph lines heading upwards on a regular basis. However numbers and business-focussed branding aren’t the be-all and end all for me. For me, commenting is the end not the means, and I’d much rather quality conversation than quantity.


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