Day 27: Personal Branding in Comments

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This word branding is one that keeps appearing over and over in biz-speak. It’s a bit of a weasel-word in some ways, calling as it does on notions of corporate matters including money-making. But of course, it’s also about image and individuality. I’ve been through enough seminars on this branding business to be wary when I see a branding iron coming in my direction. Having said this, I know that when creating and developing a blog, you need to pay attention not only to content but also to the public face and tone of your blog. And of course, this extends to comments. As to how you sign off … is this part of the branding process?

I read Dawud Miracle and his take on branding using your own name in comments. This makes sense if you want your own name associated with the content … and why wouldn’t you? After all you sign your emails, letters, and so on as a sign of ‘good faith.’ On the other hand, a signature screen name, as long as it’s sufficiently individualised could be another choice. It’s the difference between being known as a real person or as a persona.

Like Dawud, I prefer getting known around the blogosphere as a person in my own name, and so the former ‘Dramagirl’ and ‘Groundling’ (both adaptations from a former and my current ‘other’ blog) have become me … Kate Foy, which is how I now sign all of my comments.

But I think the branding process extends to the content of the comments themselves, where tone and writing style also play a part.

The voice of the blog expresses the style and personality of the blogger, and this should extend to the commenting

In this Challenge I’ve noticed a variety of approaches to comment signature … there are screen names and full names, and I’ve been able to associate them pretty well. Diversity rules.


5 responses to “Day 27: Personal Branding in Comments”

  1. Bonnie K Avatar

    Hi Kate,
    Glad I have you in my Google Reader now and even though I passed on this challenge, I enjoyed reading your work with it.
    I guess I haven’t thought about signing my blog and comments with anything but my name. I have me all over in the web, pictures and all.
    Seems simple to me, but then again, I’m not a business although I have a website for something close to a sort of business but more for fun.

  2. Michele Martin Avatar

    Hi Kate–I definitely agree that your “voice” as a commenter is and should be consistent with your voice as a blogger. In your case it’s very distinctive–I always get a hint of your sense of humor and your independence as a thinker in both your blog posts and your comments. Seeing that consistency makes me trust you more and feel like I know you better.

  3. Kate Foy Avatar

    Bonnie K I know what you mean Bonnie, though we’re so used to screen names on the web that I guess some folk prefer these. It gets a bit confusing after a while with all the options, and I thinking going with the simplest … your own name … won’t take you too far off the track. Thanks too for subbing to the blog. Nice to know I have a loyal reader out there. Makes me all warm and all!

    Michele Martin Kind words Michele! Thanks.

  4. Kevin Avatar

    In considering how many names people have out there, it occurs to me that we should be moving towards a system of One UserName Fits All in the development of blogging platforms.
    I think OpenID was a push in this direction (is that right?)
    And there is the question of do you hide behind a username or use your real name. I do a little of both and feel conflicted about it at times.

  5. Kate Foy Avatar

    Hi Kevin. Yes I think Open ID is intended to focus on this notion of one identity to fit all.

    I can think of times when I would prefer to use my username (‘Admin’ in a business blog maybe) or when writing under a pseudonym for (say) critical arts reviews, but at least for now and in this blog I do use my own name.

    ‘Dramagirl’ still rules my Flickr and Tumblr pages as well as some others.

    BTW I’m keen to do my week as a comic this week! Thanks for the challenge … I’m thinking action-adventure genre given the kind of week it’s been.

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