Crazy Eggs, Confetti and Sneezing

The tasks for Days 16 and 18 of the 31 Day Challenge have sucked me back in. The small, supportive community taking the challenge have noted a slowing down in their activities, and for all sorts of very good reasons. I’m included in this.

Despite this, my curiosity was piqued by Problogger Darren Rowse’s summary of the tasks thus far. Day 16’s Challenge, to create a ‘heat map’ on your blog sounded intriguing. I followed the hotlink and sure enough, there is this wonderfully-named software Crazy Egg which provides a way for a blogger to see immediately where the hot-spots lie i.e., where visitors click. I’ve downloaded it, and am trialling it over the next week. It’s more limited than Google Analytics, but on the positive side, it’s fast, easy to access, and very, very cool in the aesthetics department.

The other task which is now mine for the weekend, is Day 18’s project, to create a ‘sneeze page’ for my blog. Details here on how to pull together archived posts for new visitors. This task makes a great deal of sense to me. I think I’m back on board the challenge … was I ever off?

Note to self: Sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do.





2 responses to “Crazy Eggs, Confetti and Sneezing”

  1. Christine Avatar

    Welcome back. Even when I’m not posting, this challenge still brews in the background. For that matter, even when I’m not doing anything. It’s kind of fascinating to me how a simple list of tasks fleshed out with some descriptions and stories can shift my thinking about how I am approaching this platform.

  2. Darren Rowse Avatar
    Darren Rowse

    looking forward to seeing how the heat map works for you.

    thanks for the link.

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