Comment08: Day 9 … a comment self-audit

OK. I think I probably sound like a ‘know it all.’ And I’m going to blame this on my day-job! I know I try not to sound this way … and I also try to avoid the sweeping statement that sets you up for a fall. I guess it’s a balancing act between sounding as though you’ve made the final pronouncement about something … and leaving room for other opinion.

So perhaps I need to ask more questions … though I have to say that whenever I have, I’ve not got many responses.

The most comments I’ve had in the past year have come in response to video posts I’ve made. I think this is where the ‘passion’ and the personal touch kick in; when it’s you and the camera (and if you’re able to ‘connect’ to what you’re talking about), then maybe people feel that you’re more approachable and are more inclined to comment.

I know that my other blog is very ‘niche’ but this one does chug along in a fairly crowded market. For me 10+ comments on a post is rare. Mostly it’s 1-2 or none.

I’m happy to hear from you dear reader. What could I do to improve the comment factor on my blog?

Nervously yours in waiting.

PS: Not so much of a know it all after all. It’s really Day 10.





4 responses to “Comment08: Day 9 … a comment self-audit”

  1. Diane Hammond Avatar

    Well Kate, I wouldn’t agree that you “sound” like a know-it-all. I think you have a very conversational and welcoming tone, and I have to say that I thought that even before I watched your video posts.

    I came across your blog through the Comment Challenge, but rather than just click-through I’ve stayed and added it to my RSS Reader. One of the reasons for doing so is because you are an academic.

    I need to hear a variety of voices – academics, young teachers, experienced teachers, administrators, consultants… I expect different things from each group. There are times when I want posts that may sound more like lectures than reflections. I don’t necessarily want you to draw me into the conversation by asking questions about the role of technology in the creative arts. I want to hear your expert opinions on the subject. I’m not shy; if I have a question or comment I’ll jump in. If I just read, know that I’ve still benefited.

    There is value to this comment self-audit, yet I’m not sure any of us should rush to make changes based solely on the list of questions we were given.

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Until this month, I, too, found it rare to get more than 10 comments (unless it was my Day in a Sentence feature, which can generate a good 15 to 20 comments from folks).
    I don’t find your blog-voice too preachy, to be honest. Informative …. much better word.
    I have no good advice, I am sorry to say.
    Take care

  3. Christine Martell Avatar

    Not a know it all {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Not a know it all “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  4. Kate Foy Avatar

    Diane Hammond Thank you so much for your kind words and advice on writing my opinions as a way of getting people to respond.
    Kevin ‘Informative’ does it for me. thanks.
    Christine Martell We have contact! Yippee. I love your pusscat. I’ll stand one of my furry friends by for a hello next time. Cheers and thank you for your warm support.