Coming together – right now

The aggregation dilemma I wrote about a day or so ago is less of a dilemma as I ‘blend’ the content of my blogs here. I’m on yet another digital learning curve as I work my way through the challenges of editing that this task presents.
If you’re a reader of either or both blogs, I hope you won’t be confused by the new headline: Spinning a Learning Web|Groundling. Fact is I can’t think of a name yet to describe the coming together of my particular brand and take on arts and technology. My sub-heading says it best ‘The further digital adventures of a creative spirit – from the ground up.’ I’ve no doubt I’ll come up with something better soon; maybe not. My posts will however continue to focus on my ongoing experimentation – some say obsession with online media – and will I suspect, focus even more on the ways these tools and applications are being used within the performing arts. I will of course, wander off into completely non-technical areas from time to time as I share my experience of live, not virtual theatre productions, on actors and acting, as well as wider commentary on the arts: education, policy, and practice.

Meantime you might want to focus on the topics that interest you by clicking on the appropriate category, or on a tag that takes your fancy. I’ve simplified and pared down categories to make browsing across my interests a little easier for readers.

Thanks for your patience during this transition period.






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