Christmas and End of Year Mulls

Image: jgrantmac

This is not the mulling that comes with spicy wine, the traditional Christmas drink in colder climes. It’s another kind of thoughtful musing that often fills the mind. During this season, we tend to go back over the past 12 months or so, sorting and sifting through the discoveries and shuddering perhaps at some of them.

I’ve been digging into my blog archives, and in the spirit of wishes for Christmas, here is something from the eminent Canadian educator, Stephen Downes whose always-lucid postings have been a bit of a discovery for me this year.

I passed this little parcel to my students earlier in the year. Once again, it was in response to exercising your creativity, a theme which runs through quite a few of these posts. Here it is:

10 things you need to learn

How to predict consequences
How to read
How to distinguish truth from fiction
How to empathise
How to be creative
How to communicate clearly
How to learn
How to stay healthy
How to value yourself
How to live meaningfully

The whole post can be found on Stephen Downe’s blog.

Not bad wishes for Christmas, for ourselves and others.





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