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Coffee Break

Well I’ve had a bit of a break from the comment challenge but it was really all about taking a breath and organising my life. This challenge had got me busier than I had thought it would. It felt a bit like party time … dashing from one to the other and really not spending enough quality time elsewhere. So here I am, renewed, ready to go. Now, let’s see … where am I?

OK. On Day 21: Make a Recommendation in a comment. I have done this already, and tend to do it quite a lot. I think value adding often includes the sort of ‘Oh and by the way have you seen this blogsite?’ comment. Hotlinking tips or ideas form part of the richness of the whole blogging conversational experience.

Day 22: Highlight a Favorite Comment. For sheer cameraderie and knowing-what-it’s like I rate Christine Martell‘s comment about coping with the consequences of one’s image and voice and knowing what to say in a video comment. Christine’s and then Bonnie K‘s later comment about ‘bad-hair posts’ were light-hearted, but also actually quite profound, and they touched on the fear-factor which has been receiving some chat-play in discussions on blogger’s reactions to video posts and comments. There will be much more to say about this as the blog days roll around. As a side issue, any prizes for guessing what will be ‘hot’ issues in the coming months?

Day 23: What Makes a Great Comment? Well I don’t know about great, but for me a good comment is one genuine in its desire to communicate… in other words one that’s open, and not overly dogmatic or assertive. It reveals something about the individuality of the writer, and leaves the door open for further conversation … and that can lead to a great experience. Some days, any comment is a good one!

Day 24: Comment on a Blog Written in a Foreign Language. ‘Mon Dieu! Mais c’est impossible,’ I thought. Given my very tenuous grasp of French, I imagined the hilarity and Gallic thigh-slapping that would follow on my feeble attempts. So did I have a go? Nope, but I did subscribe to the Coffee Break French podcast to help my upcoming shopping cultural visit to Paris. I can thoroughly recommend this series which offers coffee break language instruction in several languages and all for free!

Day 25: Take a Break. OK.


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