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Trawling through a London bookshop last week and came across Bob Walsh’s excellent Clear Blogging: how people blogging are changing the world and how you can join them (NY: Apress, 2007). Excellent on so many levels, but especially useful for its comprehensive treatment of the topic. Great for beginners and not so beginners who are moving into the next phase of blogging. Bob’s blog of the same name is well worth a visit.

The book was a great companion on a long flight. It’s readable and practical. Great little action lists too. I love reading books with a pencil in hand!

One notion that resonated with me is the author’s suggestion that the blogger thinks about her passions or interests in the way cops related to their ‘beats.’ They knew just about every detail and every street corner and most importantly, they stayed focussed. Bob’s savvy ‘beats’ angle proved one of those ‘aha’ moments for me.

My ever-expanding blog (which is a source of much delight to me) and which claims to be about much, could actually be irritatingly unfocussed and (heaven forbid!) about nothing rather than something specific. A turn off for a reader.

So now, it’s working out my ‘beats’ and creating not one, but perhaps several blogs to accommodate This Time Round which is starting to feel like a garden that is just a bit overgrown.






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  1. Bob Walsh Avatar
    Bob Walsh

    Actually, I was thinking of reporters and their news beats – but no matter and no difference. The idea is to follow areas you are passionate about and both act as a reporter of things newsworthy, and as as copper preventing small crimes becoming large! 🙂

    P.S. I’d be happy to sign your copy in _either_ a U.K. or Oz bookstore of you choosing! 🙂

    On a serious note, thanks very much for the kind words.

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