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I wrote this in my last blogpost a month ago:

I’ve been using Friend Feed for a week now and find it immensely useful to track my own friends’ postings from diverse services.  Once travel proper commences this weekend, posts via any of my services wll find their way here. Kind of cheating I know … but it’s the (so-far) easiest way I’ve found to keep faith with entries here whilst away.Spinning a Learning Web, Jul 2008

It’s exactly one month since I sat down to write a blog post per se here on Spinning. I’ve been on holidays in Europe so there hasn’t been much reflection on e-learning at all. However, I’ve kept up my micro-blogging by using Friend Feed as an aggregator using Twitter and Flickr – a bit the way postcards grab an image and a message. It has worked nicely as you can see via the widget embed in my previous post referred to above.

Twitter ended up being the tool of choice as I could text entries from my mobile iPhone wherever I had a signal, and at inexpensive rates. I could have integrated any number of other services available on Friend Feed, but chose to stick with the 140 postcard-size snatch that Twitter allows.

Although I decided to take my G4 laptop (love that thing) I did not aways have wireless access. When I did, I could upload selected photos from Flickr. Doing this via my mobile phone would have been prohibitive on my current plan as I found last year. Thanks to Sarah Stewart for suggesting I pack my little card-reader to upload from any computer.

I did miss video posts via Seesmic however. I couldn’t use Seesmic as the G4’s one drawback is its lack of on-board camera. Next time, and with the proliferation of free wireless as there appears to be in European cities right now, it should be possible for the traveller to log video posts.

Updates happened quickly and automatically via the FriendFeed widget embed in the post – nice.

Home again with jetlag drifting away slowly, and it’s time to close the FriendFeed ‘room’ that has been aggregating all my travel content in the blog. However, I’ve noticed that entries from the aggregated services continue to flow through to the embedded widget. This is an irritant, given that the intention here was to capture my travel thoughts in the special Friend Feed room, and not the subsequent tweets, image uploads and entries from various other services. Closing down the ‘room’ does not stop the flow. This is a design matter that the Friend Feed developers could address i.e., provide a ‘room’ widget as well as a general Friend Feed widget.

Meantime, if you are interested in what I got up to during my month in summery Europe, you can read all about it at my Friend Feed. It might convince you to get your own, or take off on a holiday!

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  1. SarahStewart Avatar

    Hi Kate, welcome home. Thanks for your twitter posts – it was great to hear how you were getting on even if it made me jealous! cheers Sarah

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