Auf wiedersehen Sitzprobe

And with 10 days to go it’s sounding and feeling good! Tonight’s sitzprobe finished up the play. So we’ve been through all of the songs, interludes and dance numbers with the orchestra. It was not as daunting as I had expected; thrilling, yes! One or two intervals … picking your note from a great concatenation of musical sound is not that easy! However I have faith in our musical director who is on top of the whole thing and calm, calm, calm. How I love working with people like this. And I (have to) trust the work that’s been done.

Cabaret company Sitzprobe

The next time we all meet will be in situ … them in the pit and us on stage along with the stage-band. This isn’t going to be until the weekend, so here comes another break just as we’re entering the home-stretch. Back to the Clayton’s rehearsals for the next few days … reading the play every day, listening to the practice music, going through the scenes in my head.

Tomorrow it’s a program photo-call, so into costume and makeup … the body-masking begins.






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