AUC Create World Conference 2008

There’s the whiff of conferences in the air right now. Monday starts the 3rd annual AUC (Apple University Consortium) Create World Conference at Griffith University in Brisbane. I’ll be working with a team of podcasters headed by Alan Carrington from the University of Adelaide. We will be gathering comment not just from presenters and performers, but from everyone there. We’ll edit and produce episodes daily and beam them out, so stay tuned for contact details.  If you’re interested in some up to date, cool reporting from Create World and keen to contribute, your comments would of course, be most welcome.

Create World is a conference designed to bring together higher ed creative types … performers, composers, film-makers, games designers, visual artists and musicians … all using (mostly) Apple digital technology. I’m tipping there will be a slew of iPhones, MacBook Pros and Airs on display in the auditoriums this year; last year the few iPhones seen were largely in stealth mode … the iPhone hadn’t officially arrived in Oz.

One of the delights of academe is getting to create great titles and sub-titles for papers and conferences. This one is no exception: The Art of Serious Play; the Serious Art of Play – Curiosity, Creativity, Craft and Connectedness in the Digital Age. Phew! Anyhow, the week’s programme of workshops, keynotes, performances, and presentations look to be stimulating and FUN. You can check them out on the conference webpage.

I’ll be gathering the rest of the news that’s fit to print, and most probably sending out updates on Twitter @Dramagirl. How could I not; Twitter is the cool new kid on the block at conferences. And to think a year ago at this same conference I went public in saying I didn’t see much value in it. We hadn’t even invented hashtags at that time. Ah well.

You can find the Create World podcast blog here. All sessions should be uploaded by December 20. Do drop by, listen to the follow-up commentary from presenter and audience and leave a text or voice comment.

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