AUC Conference Bound

I’ll be posting daily from the AUC Conference at the Gold Coast, Queensland this week. At least until conference close on Wednesday.

This is going to be a test of my own resolve. I imagine there will be a conference blogsite, probably closed to all but participants, and I’m not sure whether sessions will be recorded and made more widely available. I’ll try to keep the channels open here.






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  1. Christine Martell Avatar
    Christine Martell

    I’ll be interested in how this works for you. I will be at several conferences in the next few weeks, so perhaps I’ll try to do this also. I usually get pretty overwhelmed with all the input, so perhaps writing would be a good way to sort through some of it.

    I hope you enjoy it. I’m sure your presentation will be awesome. Especially if you keep to the Guy rules of presenation.

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