A mini challenge: the smart e-traveller

I took this photo of my :en:iPhone and its SIM slot.

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I’ve written before about the various challenges I’ve set myself when travelling either to conferences or overseas: what to pack, how to minimise the clutter, how to stay in touch effectively and economically (time and $). One other challenge that remains for me is to get everything into one carry-on bag. I’m not quite ready for that yet, though One Bag has the goods on it.

I’m getting ready for 5 weeks in Europe … yes someone has to do it I know … but I need your help to be the smartest e-traveller I can. One year on from my last post on the subject, I’ve reissued the challenge to myself; how do you survive an extended period away from home, and in international locations, and without packing a laptop or relying on cyber cafés. Once again One Bag has a good resource with tips for the traveller on getting internet access. So, can it be done inexpensively? I don’t wish to have both arms and legs ripped off in charges by my phone carrier back home. This time, the tool of choice is the iPhone.

Here’s the mission should you choose to accept it.

Using only an iPhone how could an intrepid e-adventurer stay in touch? The traveller wants to post images, provide updates on what’s what, and perhaps the occasional blog post … maybe ‘lite’ blogging on Tumblr? In addition to Tumblr, the traveller in question has a few other social networking sites: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed.

Over to you. All your advice and thoughts will be gratefully received, collated, and put together with acknowledgement in another post. I’ll follow up with the occasional traveller’s note from the road if I can, and/or a full report on my findings at the end.







3 responses to “A mini challenge: the smart e-traveller”

  1. SarahStewart Avatar

    I can’t be without my card holder so I can load my photos onto anyone’s computer.

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    Oh that’s a smart idea! Thanks Sarah!

  3. Buy Cigars Avatar

    I was just planning a trip overseas – this is the absolute perfect tool to take. So glad I found your blog, I've bookmarked it. Thank you!

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