A few good tips for website owners

I posted a peeve tweet this morning, something I do from time to time when the ‘Grrs’ strike.  I’m finding that more and more websites are popping up with good, well-written content, but with no RSS feed, so there’s no way for a regular reader or a potential reader to learn when new posts are made.  It seems that some of these sites also choose to add new content to a page rather than to blog individual posts, so there are no permalinks back to an individual post, just a page URL.  You know what this means?  After new material is added to the page, really good stuff slips down and off the page, and out of access.  That’s not good.  Even worse, some sites have no search boxes, categories or nav bars that make any kind of sense.  Bad design means good content suffers.

So, my peeve tweet went something like this … well, exactly like this …

Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 7.47.50 AM

So, a couple of tips.

  • If you haven’t already, you should register and burn your site via the excellent Feedburner so your readers get the latest from you in their email or feed readers.
  • If you haven’t already, you might consider joining Twitter and announcing your latest post that way.  If you have a WordPress blog, you could set up a plug-in like Word Twit which generates an instant auto tweet whenever a new post is published.
  • If you have a Facebook account you can announce updates and refer readers with a link back to your website.  There are also any number of plugins and other auto connections available for this most ubiquitous of social networks.  Just remember though that Facebook is a closed shop, and your announcements will be confined to its walled-garden environment.

Whatever methods you choose please please, do something … tell us about it.  Don’t waste all that effort, or miss out on the opportunity to spread your words.






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