8 Days Later

It has been a peaceful, reflective time dear reader since last I put blogfingers to keyboard … 8 days in all. It was a time in which I had the great good fortune to celebrate with my family; to give thanks for my life and to take stock of self, and as you do at the end of the year, to acknowledge the people, events, and things which have touched our lives.

The ‘best of’ lists have been thick on the ground of late; my own del.icio.us list of ‘tops’ is bulging with ’em. I guess there will be much more of this reviewing business in tonight’s media. A lot of it will be saddening; much maddening. I was going to do my own ‘top 5 or 10’ or whatever, but didn’t see the point of adding more to the embarrassment of riches already out there.

Reflecting beyond my own garden wall, it seems to me that there has been one key thing resonating down the year … an awareness of a collective responsibility for our little planet’s wellbeing. Al Gore got the Nobel Prize for famously championing this awareness; Australia’s new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd made the ratifying of the Kyoto Protocol the first formal act of his new federal government. During the year, dam levels continued to fall further and further right around the country. Australians had to stop hosing their gardens and take 3 minute showers … and not without some resentment … shocker of a drought, mate! As crops and livestock died, and the cracks in the ground expanded, I think the reality bit for everyone in the so-called lucky country… at long last. Terms like ‘carbon footprint’ entered the common lexicon along with ‘carbon credits’ and ‘global warming.’ Many joined in Blog Action Day in October to spread the word, though (sssh) I had the feeling it was preaching to the choir.

Still, every bit of reflection helps, must help us because awareness is the beginning of change, followed by willingness to do something. And there’s so much to do … there’s the proselytising that’s needed, the shouting from the rooftops, tapping on the shoulder, quietly insistent debate, and especially support for imagination and acts of political courage by leaders. The Australian Conservation Foundation has published a National Agenda for a Sustainable Future; it’s a useful blueprint to keep us all on track. Whatever we do must be born out of commonsense, goodwill, and a rock-solid resolution to do no further harm … a willingness to take stock, to heal and to grow. I reckon we could individually and collectively mine more than a few resolutions out of this, for all of our new years and days to come.

May it be a good year for our planet and for all its people.

Updated January 2 2008





2 responses to “8 Days Later”

  1. John Banta Avatar


    I’m author and environmental consultant John Banta. I am glad to hear about your commitment to our environment.

    I have started a new blog. Each day for the next year I’m going to be posting a new tip for becoming an environmental steward for our home and planet. It will take about one minute a day to learn about that day’s goal. If it’s something you’re already on board with then that’s great, but if not – plan on spending another 5 minutes learning more about the objective and ten minutes making it so. That’s why I call it 1:5:10:365.

    This week I am beginning by taking stock of our energy and resource profile. I’m hoping everyone will make a minimum commitment to spend one minute a day considering something new they can do to help.

    Thanks for doing your part.

    John Banta

  2. katefoy Avatar

    John, congratulations on your initiative. This is great.

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