We are in love again, my inner-geek and I

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory
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We’ve been together now a bit over a couple of weeks, my iPad and I – since delivery on Australia release day, 28 May. We’ve done a few meetings, an interstate flight, home duties, gone to bed together and, I must say, it’s been a pleasure!  It garners squeals of envy and admiration when it appears – even the usually dour airport security screening guys wanted to know how I liked ‘your iPad.’ They even knew its name.

I thought I’d be the coolest kid in the cabin on a flight down to Sydney on Friday – till I saw a guy in the row opposite me with one. Yes, he too was surrounded by admiring passengers.  He showed off and I continued reading my latest novel via Kobo (clever name) Borders’ really good book-reading app for the iPad – two thumbs up for layout, design and comprehensive listings in the Australian store.  The iPad is a terrific device for reading in bed; the font size and screen brightness, both of which can be adjusted to suit in Kobo, make it a treat.  For me, it’s meant no more sore eyes late at night. However, the iPad is not going to replace my laptop or desktop Macs, which still do things that it can’t.

I’ve got the 3G Wifi model with 32G, and it’s tons adequate for my needs.  I piggyback off the wireless network when I am at home or in free wi-fi enabled venues – thank you my local coffee shop, Queensland State Library, the QANTAS Club and most Australian airports.  At other times, and assuming the 3G network is robust where you are, the mini Sim card kicks in.  I have an Optus pre-paid for now, but given that the signal was flaky at best where I was staying at the weekend, I may switch to a plan from Telstra when my current month-long access with Optus runs down. So far, I’ve used a fraction of my cellular data allocation; I know this because the iPad settings has a handy usage indicator.

By now, those without one or needing to replace an ageing computer may be wondering whether or not the iPad will do the job for them.  My advice – if your primary computer use is to send and receive mail, social network, surf the web, organise your life, listen to music or audio books – or to read books, to watch video, enjoy your images, and (if you don’t mind learning to use the iPad’s ‘keyboard’ – not that hard in landscape mode) to create text or spreadsheet documents and presentations, then the iPad – especially the dual 3G/Wifi model might just be your new love too.  Of course, you may like to get a bluetooth enabled keyboard, but that’s adding more gear to the nicely minimalist device that e-travellers (especially) crave.

I still use my fully-functioning ‘big’ Macs to create and edit websites, work on images and videos, engage in Skype conversations – the iPad has no camera capability, yet.  It comes down to my needing the big Macs for those activities that require the finessing of keyboard in heavy-duty creative activities, and for those tasks that still don’t have apps available – the list is growing daily, of course.  For everything else, and especially if you are on the go, the iPad is tops.





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  1. Bonnie K Avatar

    A pleasure to read your post and agree 100% I am in love with reading again. I don’t move easily from email to web and back again. I still use my Macbook for serious blog writing but in time I will use my pad more and more. I’m happy and proud to be a Mac gal all the way!
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  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    Thanks Bonnie … always good to have you drop by!

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