Want to start your own news empire from home?

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Last September I wrote about the slew of audio and video publishing tools being used by ‘citizen journalists.’ I talked about their increasing availability and ease of use especially on mobile phones. These came to the fore during the US Presidential Elections, and I became aware of them first as they were used by individuals at the Democratic National Convention.

Now we have Audioboo for the iPhone. You can get it for free at the Apple Store. As the name suggests, it is an audio recording tool. I’m taking it for a spin this week, and already I’m sold on the potential. The sound quality is fantastic, it’s incredibly easy to use, and it even has a photo attachment facility. Coupled with Twitter, which has to be the social networking phenomenon of the year, anyone equipped with the hardware and software can publish faster and easier, and reach a larger audience than ever before – or alternatively, a more focussed, niche audience. The iPhone doesn’t yet have the capability to record video, but can that be far away with an update for the iPhone only a month or so away.

Here’s a great interview, recorded on the iPhone and published in Audioboo by the always entertaining and smart Documentally. Here a chap from Towcester (but pronounced ‘toaster’) talks with Documentally about publishing local news for his community using Audioboo and Twitter. Suddenly those with a penchant for mogulship can take their first steps towards their own media empire. If you’re interested to learn more, Documentally has recorded a couple of other Boos about creating news on his Audioboo page.

Move over Mr Murdoch.

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