Time Frame: a 3 day virtual art show on Seesmic

Now here’s something to lok out for this coming weekend. LA-based artist Christi Nielsen has organised a virtual art-show on the video platform Seesmic. The interactive nature of the platform means the 10 artists and who knows how many viewers, will be able to view and comment on the varied artworks and the comments themselves. Should be a lively affair with the potential not only to spawn further virtual exhibitions, but also to extend the art-talk to perception and accessibility, privilege etc.  What the art will look like and the experience feel like is what the experiment, in part, is all about. You can get more on this here at Christi’s site

Drop by from Thursday 25 September PST (and for we Australians, that’s going to be from Friday 26) and anytime for 3 days. I’ll miss the wine and nibblies that usually accompany these affairs, but intend to BMO.

TimeFrame Exhibition on Seesmichttp://www.christinielsen.com/html/events.htm

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