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Seesmic\'s bug-eyed raccoonI didn’t think I was a party girl, not until I got sucked into the ongoing party that is Seesmic this past week. Just as in the real world, too much partying means other work doesn’t get done. There’s been a bit too much fun joining in conversations that range from the brilliant through the banal to the just plain silly! Just like any old party really. Time to sit down and reflect on the experience in words … and a few moving pictures. Have a look in the sidebar over on the left. You’ll see a new widget which I proudly built myself using Sprout Builder. I got a little help from a new contact Duncan Riley who I met and have now friended on Friend Feed. I’m liking Friend Feed by the way; it’s a great way to aggregate all your socialising round the web. All this mucking round in social applications is a sure way to get social!

Lest you think I was too involved in the banal side of things, let me say that eavesdropping or joining in on conversations has yielded a treasure trove of ideas and a confirmation that this kind of social networking has the goods. A thread (conversation) from today (which is also yesterday for some of the commenters) began digging into the educational value of video conversations … from signing for deaf through language study and outreach for the ‘shut-ins’. People are sharing aspirations, ideas … there was a great thread stimulated by Ken Robinson’s TED talk from a year or so ago on whether schools kill creativity. Then there are birthday wishes with songs, favourite hats, pets who wander by and are introduced, mashed up images and music … little art-works on the run, and even sharing a glass of wine together … I’m sufficiently interested in this to be checking out the labels you’ll be pleased to hear. But you only have to ask and the label is held up close to the camera accompanied by a wine-appraisal! By the way, wine appears to be the beverage of choice in the evening. It’s a bit unnerving when you’re drinking a wake-up coffee to see the north Americans chugging their chardonnay the night before. It’s probably the same when the French contingent start Bon-jouring to see us already on the plonk … ahhh ‘les aussies … le binge’ you can almost hear them thinking.

It’s surprising how quickly those performance anxieties disappear when you’ve been ‘on’ for a while. Conversation flows, and the community appears to be extremely tolerant and supportive … with the exception of an idiotic spam post from someone yesterday … quickly dumped by the Seesmic moderators … it’s been a most pleasant experience. And that absolutely valid bit of censorship sparked a great thread on how to self-moderate, which spun on to censorship etc. etc.

Check it out. Lurk for a bit and join in if you feel up to it. You, your hats, your ideas, and conversation in whatever accent or language you choose will be welcomed.

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  1. rojopelo Avatar


    I really enjoy Seesmic. I find that you can join in so many different conversations. If I’m in an intellectual mood there’s something available to talk about whether it be environmentalism or culture or education. If I’m feeling silly, I can participate in a hat off. I enjoy the ability to not just comment but to participate in a dialogue.
    I was really surprised at how comfortable I felt in front of the camera. That doesn’t mean I haven’t discarded more than my share of videos before they were shared to the public.

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    Sarah. Nice to hear from you. I’m not surprised you feel comfortable;
    it’s a welcoming community and it’s easy to operate with a simple,
    intuitive interface where you can dump and re-do to your heart’s
    content … practice makes perfect. I love the various commenting
    styles too, don’t you? Just as in real life with different
    personalities. There’s a big future in Seesmic and its ilk I reckon.

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