The Power of the Personal

The 31 day challenge is beginning to pay off in terms of attracting new readers and contacts to the blog. It’s only natural to be delighted and flattered when someone ‘out there’ … a potential colleague … takes the trouble to respond to our bloggings. I know I am. So it’s been a great idea to send an email to someone who’s left a comment on your blog. Not a bad idea either to include your own blog URL in the comment pane with an invitation to drop by. It’s been a bit like the thrill I used to get swapping collecting cards and comics way back last century!

So, now within the space of several days, I have others reading my blog, I’m reading theirs, I’ve discovered like-minded colleagues, and we’re weaving this web thingy we’ve heard can be so powerful and so much darn fun. Social networking I do declare.

Memo to Self: make the personal contact to new responders an ongoing habit.

PS: Bet Darren Rowse will tell us all to keep the good stuff going at the end of the 31 days.





2 responses to “The Power of the Personal”

  1. alex Avatar

    WoW! Reading your ‘About Me’ has made me realise that perhaps I should have included my past life in mine… although you found me anyway!

    Before teaching I was an agent for Stacey Testro International. My partner and I ran the Sydney office of that agency, representing actors, writers and directors. So very interested in how you integrate your drama life into your blog.

    Better go and put your RSS feed into my netvibes page, I also have a Twitter widget in there, I love Twitter. If I was in the classroom at the moment, I would certainly create a netvibes page for my class and include the Twitter widget on it. – for more

  2. Frances McLean Avatar
    Frances McLean

    Hi Kate great to see another 31 day blogger. Came across you through Alex Millers blog.
    Is is great to have everyone coming to the blogs and leaving comments, it has built a real community spirit and I have made contact with lots of new people.
    Are you going to be part of our Chocolate Challenge also? Let us know and we can add you to the list 🙂

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