So much in three days

Since the last post (!) I have been working at developing a couple of wikis. Flushed with delight at finding a couple that look good, are easy to use, and free for now, I plunged into creating a couple for next semester’s teaching program.

The first is to provide audience feedback on a performance project. This is on Wikispaces where I can permit visitors to leave comment, but give the writers control over the wiki; that’s as it should be. Only a couple of bits of acitivity thus far; probably end of term and wanting to do anything but more work. The second one has gone up on PBWiki. This is a slick interface, with what can be some tad annoying screens which pop up from time to time offering (inexpensive) upgrades. These can be worked around however. This class wiki is more like a conventional schedule of classes and workshops. It has the capability, like all websites, to provide hotlinks, but in its wiki-way, gives each class member the opportunity to co-create the learning space. PBWiki is public, but contributors need a password. I like this. The usual links to Flickr and other third-party apps come with plug-ins. I’ll try these as the semester flows on.
What’s the rationale for using wikis and not paper? Apart from saving trees, I want students to encourage students to get their hands ‘dirty’ playing in digital media. They need to feel confident about using what are basic, collaborative communication tooks. I want an application that can take updates in an instant, and attached files if I want to post them; Full marks to both Wikispaces and PBWiki so far.


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  1. Sue Waters Avatar
    Sue Waters

    Hi Kate

    I have used both Wikispaces and PBwiki so I am interested in which wiki platform you preferred and why? BTW I really love wikis.


  2. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    Hi Sue
    I’m with PB Wiki at the moment, mostly through familiarity of use. It’s a class, collaborative site. Wiki Spaces looks nice too, though I set this one up for audience comments on a playreading to help the writers. The audience didn’t really respond, so the site has languished a bit.

    On another note, I’m encouraging a colleague to consider a wiki for a community of practice he’s developing amongst secondary school teachers and their uni colleagues in various disciplines. I think wikis would be a great channel for developing community. That and individual blogs, but wikis better to get people used to writing and posting.

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