Semester 2

Almost as quickly as it came, the week went. There is a palpable feeling of anxiety amongst the students entering the final phase or semester of their study. So much to do, so little time!

I try at this stage to encourage them to be as self-sufficient as they can be … cut the umbilical cord. They have been in a structured learning environment for 3 years, have ‘gone to work’ daily in that time, and now the prospect of no engagement, no employment looms. It’s a difficult time, and these sensitivities, especially for a creative artist, need careful handling.

I’ve tried in the past to encourage them to plan the next 3 years; get a structure, plan to continue creating even if the work isn’t paid. But it’s hard to keep the flame alive and strong when there’s rent to pay and shopping to do. It’s so easy to get distracted away from your profession by the jobs that need doing.

I guess I too am feeling anxious about them at this stage; hang in there!






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