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Queensland WattleIt’s late winter here in Queensland. You wouldn’t know it. The sun is out, the days are warm, the birds are singing, and I would much rather be out there than in here. There’s gardening to do. This is probably the reason for fewer thoughtful or reflective posts here on the blog of late … however, this is a wee test which has me blogging a photo directly from my Flickr stream to the blog. Click a photo, hit ‘Blog this’ and if you’ve set up your blogs properly, hey presto!

PS This is the ‘Queensland Wattle’ which is currently in full bloom in my Australian native plant garden.






4 responses to “Seeking Inspiration”

  1. Hannes Avatar

    Thank you so much for talking about WINTER and showing GREEN BLOOMING native garden …
    My English isn’t good enough to use it for good conversation, so probably I can’t say what I mean about WINTER & NOW. The globe is round, and overall are people on it, most of them with all the wishes and hope, instincts ….
    It’s possible that I smile when you’re smiling, in the same moment. Hey! Same date, same time ….? No question, we can do it! It will not be recognized officially. How cares.
    However, I’m happy to hear about winter morning when here’s summer night, makes me smile. I’m sure you did too, same moment.

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    HI Hannes. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it is always surprising for northern hemisphereans to see our winter so green and blooming, just as it is to see images of southern hemisphere Christmasses in all its midsummer glory. PS About the language … you are doing fine. I wish my German was as good as your English. However, why don’t you try Google translator. Write your post in German and then hit the translate into English button. I’ve done this before when corresponding with a Portugese speaker in Brazil. Apparently I said all the right things!

  3. Ken Allan Avatar

    Kia ora e Kate!

    I bet the birds love the wattle! tell us about them.

    Catchya later
    .-= Ken Allan´s last blog ..Two Golden Blogs =-.

  4. Kate Foy Avatar

    Ken, it’s always good to hear from you. Oh the birds … high pitched squeals of parrots, red and green King Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets, blue and lemon-coloured Palefaces – Butcher BIrds with the sweetest warble, even lovelier than the magpies, as well as the ongoing chatter and whistling round the ridges of Currawongs. It’s an absolute symphony some mornings. I should try to capture some of these, but I know it wouldn’t do them justice. I adore living in a great big aviary! Hope all goes well with you.

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