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The 2008 US presidential campaign is the first campaign in history in which social media have played such a huge role in stimulating voter interest, soliciting campaign support, urging voter registration, and then actually getting people out there to exercise a civic right/duty. During the last couple of days, friends on my Facebook have been ‘donating’ their status to get the vote out, largely for Obama it would seem. This may have less to do with Obama’s cleverly run campaign and use of social media … though I suspect not … than the political leanings and support from my FB friends.

As to what’s happening on the ground, we’ve seen the broadcast media folks on television, but a lot of the reporting is using file content that’s hours old … how dull! Enter the ordinary person equipped with a mobile phone and a bit of software … and the reporting landscape changes fundamentally, and for ever. Now it’s possible for anyone to make individual commentary via social media and to get that material out via other social networks. Yes it can be dreadful stuff, but it’s going to get better and it’s direct, immediate, and unfiltered by network concerns.

Here’s an embed from a Seesmic contact Kevin Spiedel a self-styled former ‘political hack.’ He’s in Arizona, McCain’s home state, and he’s reporting on events as they unfold from the candidate’s campaign base. What’s great about this is that Kevin’s unique, often quiky approach is being streamed from his mobile phone using a platform called Qik. Think about it!

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