Quote of the Day: on the actor’s preparation

Read the whole article from Andrew Utter at the Mother of Invention Acting School blog.  The post is a review of a new book on acting by Howard Fine: Fine on Acting – A Vision of the Craft.

* “Your central responsibility as actors is to affect and to be affected by, that is your job.  You must affect someone else, and you must be affected by them.  Any choices you make that disallow that exchange have taken you down a dead-end.”

* “You must have a body that is responsive to you, that is flexible, and you must start to develop yourself physically to be a great actor.  All forms of dance training, martial arts, yoga and especially the Alexander Teachnique are excellent.”

* “The first common mistake that will lead you down a very bad path is judging the character.”

* “Writers are not writing about someone’s mundane life.  They’re writing about the important moments.  When you look at a scene and you don’t see the crisis that character is in, you have taken out what is actable in the scene.”

* “So much is made of the differences between stage acting and television and film acting.  I like to say to my students,  “Would you study the violin for film? Would you learn how to play football for television?”  Of course not, that would be ludicrous.  You learn how to play the violin.  You learn how to play football. You learn how to act.  You learn the craft itself.

* “The goal of preparation is spontaneous life.”

* “A developed mind is part of what will become your range as an actor, which means you have to develop your intellect formally through education, or you have to find a way to do it on your own.  How will you understand what’s going on in a scene, if you have not developed your ability to think?”





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    Hi Kate,

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    my pleasure! I enjoy your blog very much … keep it coming.

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