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Avatar (2009 film)
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As the weekend turns towards the Oscar ceremonies on Sunday night (US) Monday morning (AU), AO Scott writes in the NY Times about the contenders in the Oscar race this year and especially on what he calls the David v Goliath battle of blockbuster up against little movies that can.  It’s also about the way we’re seeing movies these days and how the online world contributes to a movie’s popularity.

The “Hurt Locker”-“Avatar” showdown is being characterized as a David-versus-Goliath battle, but melodrama and rooting interests aside, it is really a contest, within the artificial arena of the Oscar campaign, between the mega-blockbuster and the long tail. That last phrase, the title of a 2006 book by Chris Anderson, already has a bit of an anachronistic sound, but Mr. Anderson’s idea, shorn of some of its revolutionary overstatement, is still compelling. As digital culture makes more and more stuff available and spills it faster and faster into an already swollen marketplace, some works will establish themselves slowly, by word or mouth, social networking and serendipitous rediscovery.

Do read the entire piece – as always AO Scott is a reviewer to treasure.

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