Poll Results: How were you last remunerated for your work as a theatre artist?

This week’s poll is now closed, though the questions or discussion points raised by the results … as well as the original question … will surely continue elsewhere, and perhaps here.

Thanks to those who contributed. Results were received from 23 respondents from around the world, so it’s a very limited sampling. More responses might have provided a different viewpoint, as would perhaps a series of more regionally-focussed polls to reflect the particularities of cultural traditions or accepted business models in various places. For now though, here’s the breakdown:

Poll Results_1

So it would appear from this poll at least, that more self-identified professional theatre artists are negotiating their own remuneration ‘packages’ for themselves, with over a quarter of all respondents being covered by award rates, and that only a minority are working for no money. The same percentage as worked for no money also negotiated a deferred payment or profit-share arrangement.

From my own point of view the big surprise is the low figure for profit-share remuneration. This was, until a few years ago, the most common model utilised in the independent sector. It tended to be rather depressing given the final share of the ‘profits’ often barely covered busfares and coffee. I’m wondering if this reflects a developing business acumen amongst artists and/or a healthier financial independent theatre sector? Over to you.

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2 responses to “Poll Results: How were you last remunerated for your work as a theatre artist?”

  1. Kathy Davis Avatar
    Kathy Davis

    Might it also mean more commercial programming?

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    Kathy, good point. That’s the start of another conversation about independent theatre’s programming choices. From my own conversations with some of these groups, it’s clear that commercial considerations are not paramount, though they must certainly figure in any balanced approach to programmming.

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