Online art show: Timeframe

So I went for a virtual walk through the online Timeframe video-art exhibition currently showing on Seesmic, and what did I find?

Well for a start, fascinating pieces that are clearly the beginnings of something other than the ‘funniest video’ type format usually found on YouTube, and which … you can bet your bottom dollar … are then virally transmitted around the web. Timeframe’s videos (at their best when confined to a minute or two) are clearly ‘arty’ with a perspective that frames them within the ‘take me seriously’ category. Some are derivative, playing with the medium itself, grabbing images from computer games and resassembling them into a game-free context. They’re little dynamic, colourful beauties which do indeed hark back to the punchy rhythms of online gaming.

Then there are the personal statements, tiny stories that play with time and perception … blurry, out of focus images moving in slow motion force the viewer to delve deeper into the representation. Cuts and pastes of an evening with an artist and a bottle of booze and pills have their own realist tension. More abstracted and dislocated images are coupled with soundtracks that blend the human voice, breath, sound effects and music … these can be eerily and compellingly disturbing or hilarious in turn.

The artists appear from time to time to interact with the viewers … the viewers interact with one another, a glass or two of wine is shared (screens are clinked for the ‘cheers’) and all in all it’s quite a jolly, non confronting experience … and an exciting one. We’re in at the start of what I have no doubt will be a new way of creating and showing work locally and globally.

Organiser and artist Christi Neilsen deserves kudos for getting this show together, as do the 10 artists who have gone public in a big way with this seminal exhibition. It all ends today but of course, will remain in the Seesmic timeline for a revisit.

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