Once more unto the road, dear friends …

Holiday time coming up … overseas again for the first time since last January. This time it’s off to the US and Canada with daughter in tow for the first two weeks. Sadly, she has to return to wage-slave duties while I continue solo on my merry road trip.

It’s time again to consider making lists, packing, and, as it is these days, the tech stuff I’m taking with me and why. Herewith the latest update in the e-traveller series.

My daughter came up with the idea of a co-op blog; she would write from her perspective and me from mine. Good idea, and especially good if we can do it via our iPhones – we both have one. Posterous was the platform we’ve decided on because you can post everything via email from your phone – no laptops needed with this smart little application. We set up a shared Posterous account, sorted themes etc., and Hello NYC! is the outcome. You might like to drop by when we really kick things off there on 6 September.

What we like about Posterous is the ease with which we can send through items to HelloNYC!, our hub. These files may include stills, videos or sound files, and it’s all done all via email. The added bonus, however,  is the way you can set up Posterous to shoot through blog content to various other places – this blog for me, as well as to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr. You can post to all the places you nominate in settings i.e., one post to serve them all OR you can just send to your Facebook, or this blog, or Twitter etc. Not all of our friends read blogs, although we hope they’ll drop by HelloNYC! which will remain as a shared travel diary for the mother-daughter trip and will contain all the content we’ve sent up during our two weeks in the city from 6-20 September.

When I move on from New York, I’ll continue to use Posterous, but will log out of HelloNYC! and use my other Posterous site which, in turn, links out to this blog and to other social networks. This will leave HelloNYC! as a dedicated site for the two weeks we’ll spend there.

When it comes to posting images, you can’t go beyond PicPosterous (free from the iTunes Store). This is going to make creating and populating various ‘albums’ of images really, really easy. And speaking of the iPhone, I have a 3GS which means I now have video capability right there, so there’s now no need to take another device (like my iPod Nano) to shoot videos. I’m going to take my lightweight DSLR Nikon D40 to capture my ‘good’ images … the lens is much better than that on the iPhone. When travelling, I use my favourite walkaround, workhorse lens a Nikkor 55-200 1:4.5-6G.  Selected images will end up on public stream in my Flickr account, as well as in other restricted or private steams – not all of your images may be suitable for public exposure – just saying!

So, a few years down the track, it looks as though the only device the e-traveller needs these days is a smart phone – iPhone for me – the recharge cable and, most importantly, an economical data plan. You don’t want to use your at-home carrier’s roaming plan with it’s huge charges now, do you? *shudder*  Can I recommend MrSimCard for all your travel sim card needs. They have a range of options available, are inexpensive, and the customer support is first rate.







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