Now we are 5!

25 February: Update. The rains have come … the dread of any outdoor festival. The first postponement for the season has hit. Tonight’s dress-rehearsal and tomorrow’s education workshop day are on hold. We watch the skies and hope …

Actors at Work
Shakespeare in Queen’s Park Festival (now Shakespeare in the Park Festival) is about to hit Toowoomba for the 5th time. So there I was this afternoon in the park watching the acting company go through some of their paces under the eyes of director Scott Alderdice and fight director Nigel Poulton. It was hot, sunny and well …. deja-vu-ish. Here we were 5 years on from the spindly little Hamlet set under that great tree (it’s still there … the tree that is) to a big, rock concert kind of stage for Romeo and Juliet complete with canopy so the actors can work in shade, and should it rain (god forbid) the stage and the lighting rig are protected. I don’t miss watching the skies and praying for fine weather.

Couldn’t help feeling a twinge of pride to see how our baby has grown to a vigorous youngster. This wonderful little theatre festival that could has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Its future is now in the lap of the gods and the will of mere mortals. But for now, bring it on. The Park is the place to be for the next couple of weeks.






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