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  • Goodbye London

    As much as I’m longing for home, I am always sad when I leave this town. 10 visits later, it feels like a second home to me, having spent some formative years here a long time ago. London is a place that truly one can never tire of. It’s so different to when I first […]

  • Musical Theatre in Brisbane and Where to After Graduation: a few thoughts from 2012

    It’s that time in the year when I look back over the one almost gone and think about the changes that have happened. I have had quite a few conversations of late with young men and women about to enter the profession. All are ready; all are hungry to work.  Where to now? Then this […]

  • Musings …

    Getting back to work in a company is absolutely critical for anyone who ‘teaches’ acting. I have learned so much this time around – do we ever stop learning I wonder – about this most elusive and testing art form that, in part at least, is about ‘Behaving truthfully in imaginary circumstances.’ Stamina, focus, preparation, […]

  • In Performance: the new routine

    Monday – a day when most shows are ‘dark’ for a day off. It marks the end of the 8-shows a week into Week 2 of our season. Routines have changed from the day-long, week-day intensives of rehearsal and production week to the rhythms of a night-shift worker.

  • A Valentine for the Audience

    Since it’s the day to celebrate all things about love, I want to send a Valentine to our audiences. QUARTET’s have been notable for the warm response from every single house. Over the years, I’ve marvelled at how different each audience is. The latest are no exception.

  • A Tribute to Carol Burns

    Last night there was a gathering at the Playhouse Theatre to honour the memory of a great member of the artistic community. I was one of many who spoke of Carol’s life in the theatre, and of our friendship which began as young actors in the founding years of Queensland Theatre Company. This is what […]

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