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  • Keep Your Hook Baited

    Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish. Ovid There is no plan. Daniel Pink – The Adventures of Johnny Bunko Ounce by ounce, putting it together Small amounts, adding up to make a work of art First of all […]

  • Yr Loving Daughter, Katie Hume

    In 2005, the Toowoomba Literary Society asked me to give an address to their November meeting. Here it is. I called it “Giving Voice to the Darling Downs letters of Anna Kate Fowler Hume 1866-1871.” Drayton, 18th February 1870 My dearest Alice,Very many thanks for your nice long letter of November 19, which I received […]

  • Spring Cleaning on Winter Solstice Day

    Possibly because I have neglected doing it for so long, and because I now have some time, today’s job was to tidy up the disgusting piles of old paper which are much-beloved of silverfish, I see. Among them were gnawed copies (what else has been living in these piles of paper, I wonder) of talks […]

  • Directing at a (safe) distance: MACBETH IN THE DARK

    Some months ago, I watched David Berthold interview the great director Peter Sellars. Among other things, Sellars noted the possible upsides of the pandemic. There’s an upside, I wondered. But Sellars said something which I’ve kept front and centre in my thinking for the past almost 6 months: “The virus is our teacher.”  Those five […]

  • Talking Theatre in 2009: Only Connect

    This is being written over 10 years after several theatre friends based in the UK and the USA Matt Boothman, Travis Bedard, ‘Old Bear’ and yours truly had been chatting for about a week on a site called Utterli – a kind of mini-podcasting application at the time. We’d turned our attention to the theatre’s use […]

  • 1975: On tour with QTC’s “The Rainmaker”

    It’s been quite a while since I wrote this little piece for the QTC’s 1975 newsletter No 2. I found it today as I was researching materials for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Company. Touring around the vast distances of this country is still a way of life for actors – some things never […]

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