Lest We Forget – thanks Dad!

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Dad served in the Australian Army in WWII.  He was one of what playwright Sumner Locke-Elliott was later to call the Rusty Bugles, in his play of that name.

090296 WILSON. C.S.  served in the ranks as a mechanic, working on Army vehicles that were building the highways through the Australian outback, and keeping the transports rolling.  I’m not sure how he felt about being a soldier who was never called upon to fire his gun at the enemy.  The men in Locke-Elliott’s play hated being cooped up, waiting for what they thought was the ‘real war’ to happen.  I’m sure my mother, if she had known where dad was, would have been happy about it.

Those are his service medals in the image above – with a sprig of Rosemary, for remembrance.

Thanks Dad.  Remembering your service on this ANZAC Day.





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  1. Rastas000 Avatar

    Having returned recently from trips in the centre of Australia and across the north-west of Oz, the privations and challenges are not to be dismissed easily.

    One has to wonder a lot. The stories won’t now be told as the memories are dim. It is hard there now, let alone then..

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