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Exploding lightbulb

A few things have been spinning through the learning web of my head this week. The trick of immersing oneself in the stream of ideas, images and chat flowing through the social networking systems I’m plugged into, can lead to a lightbulb, ‘aha’ moment. I had one this morning.

It’s the first of the month with all its 30-day potential spread out before me. I want to focus on a worthwhile activity, something that might lead to change and have meaning in my small, and beyond it the wider world. But what?

I had a good chat with an online mate yesterday about the big picture … the status quo out there … and how overwhelming it can be … leading to paralysis or inertia in individuals, and a feeling of powerlessness. If this is the case, and I think it is, then the status quo is in need of a big fix. Financial systems, governmental structures, the ways we behave that we have taken for granted … all the monolithic, centralised bureaucratic organisations that have belly-flopped or are heading that way, plus our own individual greed, carelessness, and joylessness need to change for the better and asap.

The other thing that I have to believe in, is that if we want change, we need to move it along ourselves. I reckon the big fix can come from quiet, relentless subversion.

I believe in individual responsibility, and the power of one to move many, not necessarily through heroic stands, but by something equally as epic … using the power of ‘one x many’ to nudge ourselves quietly but firmly, or even to slap government or big business upside the head and push that change. From little things big things grow.

I share a November birthday with Robert Kennedy who was a bit of a hero of mine back then. He said, perhaps not for the first time, but with a ring to his words that has never left me:

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

So, I declare ‘Give a damn day’ for the first of each month. I’m going to make my mind up what I want to give a damn about and try to do it on that day. Maybe I’ll keep going for more than a day. Why not? Maybe I’ll give a damn about the same thing each first of the month. Maybe not. I’ll just do it I reckon.

And spreading the idea … well, I’m not going to do any more than post to Twitter … which will then go to FriendFeed and Facebook, and maybe then I’ll tell a few of the people on Seesmic that I hang out with from time to time, and blog here about what I’m giving a damn about that day. That’s it. I’ll long-tail it and see what happens.

Worth a try do you think? Want to try it yourself?

Today I’m giving a damn about conserving energy. In honor of the ‘aha moment’ I’ve replaced all the light bulbs in my home with energy-efficient bulbs.

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3 responses to “Give a damn day”

  1. silverton Avatar

    Quiet, Relentless Subversion

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    Moving Mountains one rock at a time.

  3. kallan Avatar

    Ahhh, the power of the aha moment.
    The brain can be quite efficient you know 😉
    Saves more energy.

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