Digital v Analog Aesthetics … conjurations and prognostications

panel_digital_aestheticsOn the last day of the recent AUC Create World Conference held at Griffith University in Brisbane, a panel of techno-creative talkaholics (Profs Paul Draper (GU), Phil Long (UQ) and yours truly … that’s me in the middle of the photo … gathered under the wise facilitation of Prof Roly Sussex (UQ). Our topic was Conjectures in Digital Aesthetics … and conjure we did. We’re in glorious video by the way, and the hour long session is split into three handy, downloadable mp4 files.

If you’re keen … and even if I say so myself, and despite the title, the topic was fun to wrangle, … why not check it out. Would love your feedback.

While you’re there, see what you make of some of the other podcast/vodcast sessions from Create World 2008.

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