Day 1 of the rest of my blog

It’s been a pressure-cooked month for everyone taking the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge but it’s been worth it. One of the best spin-offs has been the support given by others on the road with me … that and learning tips, tricks, and many of the skills of the fine art of blogging.

Thanks for the 31 Days BB Challenge
This little vidcast is one of the new skills I’ve learned from the Problogger himself, Darren Rowse. Thanks for the tutorial on how to produce a video blog post and thanks, Darren for the challenge.





6 responses to “Day 1 of the rest of my blog”

  1. Sue Waters Avatar
    Sue Waters

    Hi Kate

    That video was fantastic! It is just so nice to connect more with the person who you have been connecting with. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

    You have inspired me to do so also. Can’t believe as a podcaster I did not think of it.


  2. Michele Martin Avatar
    Michele Martin

    Hi Kate–I agree with Sue–LOVE the video. You actually made me feel like crying a little!

    This is a great inspiration for the rest of us to use some multimedia to share and introduce ourselves. I know you through your writing, but of course this added a whole other dimension. I think I may be busier than I thought this weekend. 🙂

    Thank you for this.

  3. Christine Martell Avatar
    Christine Martell

    What a relief to think all the whining was useful to someone. Every time I would write another challenge post I would think the world really doesn’t need to hear about your angst and resistance flowing all over the pages of your blog. Really now, is one challenge a day that hard? And then I would remember what I tell people in training all the time, if you are feeling that way it is likely someone else it too. Misery loves company (do you say that in Australia?)

  4. Cammy Bean Avatar
    Cammy Bean

    Wow. This was just the boost I needed on so many levels today. It’s great to be a part of a global community as this. And thanks for taking the time and energy to do a video post — what a fabulous way to connect with you. I feel much more warm and fuzzy inside than after reading a written blog post. The power of the voice!

  5. Laura Whitehead Avatar
    Laura Whitehead

    Hi Kate – the video – wonderful, and really motivating too. Nice to meet you ‘off-type’ as it were!
    Well done!

  6. EvilSue Avatar

    Hi Kate – that was great! Wicked idea. I might actually do something to put in the About section – what a great idea for getting to know the author! Well it;s mid-september and I am still ploughing through the challenge. No light at the end of the tunnel yet, but if you guys finished it, so can I! Congrats – EvilSue

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